On 1/25/21 1:18 PM, Philip Paeps wrote:
> Thanks for the extra context.  I'm beginning to understand how this
> works now.
>> If you were to add WrapMessge, the only difference between this and
>> GLOBAL_PIPELINE is this one added DeDuper at the beginning. Since I
>> don't know what that does, I don't know if it's important or not, but
>> if it is, you could restore the list's pipeline with the addition of
>> WrapMessage.
> The DeDuper is a local addition we have (and it exists in our
> GLOBAL_PIPELINE).  It keeps a cache of recently seen message-ids on the
> list and discards duplicates.  This is in place because our lists can be
> addressed both as freebsd-curr...@freebsd.org and curr...@freebsd.org. 
> When someone does reply-all to a message with an original To: header of
> curr...@freebsd.org, two copies of the message arrive at the list.

OK. So the correct pipeline for this list with WrapMessage included is
the same as your GLOBAL_PIPELINE, so just deleting the list specific
pipeline is the correct solution.

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