Bryan Harrison 
>A minor puzzle, just in case you're interested:
>You'll be unsurprised that I found virtual_mailbox_domains and  
>virtual_alias_domains will fight over any domain common to both.   
>Since OS X Server is dependent on virtual_mailbox_domains , I did my  
>usual blind monkey try-this-and-that and discovered it works fine  
>without virtual_alias_domains.  I won't pretend to understand, but am  
>wondering if I've created something that will be less than robust.

I'm far from a Postfix expert, and I'm not sure what's going on in your
case. My understanding is that with virtual_mailbox_domains, mail to
such a domain is always delivered to a mailbox or mail directory, and
aliases such as those which pipe the mail to a mailman wrapper do not
apply. So, I'm not sure what you have that enables this mail to be
delivered to Mailman.

>And one more question, if you don't mind:
>In addition to hosting lists for virtual domains, I need to host  
>listname at the address on the server gilded- 
>  Is this sufficient?
># 2009-06-16
># Include Defaults:
>from Defaults import *
># Site-specific overrides:
>MTA = 'Postfix'
>add_virtualhost('', '')

The above is sufficient and (almost) correct if is a
local (non-virtual) domain as far as Postfix is concerned. Yhe last
line should be


POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS is a list even if it has only one entry.

>DEFAULT_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE = 10000           # KB
>I've read that I need to do this as well...
># /etc/postfix/virtual
># 2009-06-09
>                       IGNORE
>...but feel like a cargo cult member worshipping a ball point pen when I  
>look at it.  Of course needs to continue  
>to handle non-mailing list mail for as well.

If /etc/postfix/virtual is a virtual_alias_maps file, the first line
above says is a virtual_alias_domain and is not
required if is listed explicitly in
virtual_alias_domains in The second line says all mail to the
domain should be routed to

If it is a virtual_mailbox_maps file, The first line may work
analogously, but I'm not sure and the second line specifies a mailbox
name to which to deliver mail.

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