Bryan Harrison wrote:
>I've found the resources you recommended helpful, but am stymied  
>nonetheless.  I'm bright but not expert with Postfix or Mailman, and  
>have been butting my head against this for days.
>As a test, I'm trying to install mailman on the server gilded- 
>, and create functioning lists 
>  and  Virtual domains are humming along nicely  
>in both Apache and Postfix.
>Mailman's processes run and I can browse the interface site, but all  
>my tests now bounce with:
><"|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman post galaxy"@gilded- 
>    data format error. Command output: |/usr/share/mailman/mail/ 
>mailman post
>    galaxy: Bad protocol

See below

>If you're feeling particularly saintly, I've P.S.'d  
>below –  the very rough script I'm using to install and configure  
>Relevant lines from are
>virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual,hash:/var/mailman/data/ 

The entry "hash:/var/mailman/data/aliases" should be in alias_maps, not

>virtual_mailbox_domains = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual_domains

Your Mailman domains should be virtual_alias_domains.
virtual_mailbox_domains can't deliver properly to Mailman aliases.

>mm_cfg.pys looks like this:
># Include Defaults:
>from Defaults import *
># Site-specific overrides:
>MTA = 'Postfix'

Probably not absolutely necessary, but put


here to remove the add_virtualhosts entry from

>add_virtualhost('', '')
>DEFAULT_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE = 10000           # KB
>I'm running OS X Server 10.5.7.
>I'll burn an SUV to the Gods on your behalf if you care to help me out.
>Best regards,
># !/bin/tcsh
># Last Updated:  2009-06-15
># Assumes prior installation of Xcode.
>serveradmin stop mail
>/usr/share/mailman/bin/mailmanctl stop
>rm -Rf /var/mailman/*
>rm -Rf /usr/share/mailman/*
>mkdir -p -m ug=rwx,o=rx /var/mailman
>mkdir -p -m a+rx,g+ws /usr/share/mailman
>chown _mailman:_mailman /var/mailman
>chown _mailman:_mailman /usr/share/mailman
>chmod -R 2777 /var/mailman
>chmod -R 2777 /usr/share/mailman

These are a bit permissive - should be 2775.

>mkdir -p /Library/TemporaryItems
>cd /Library/TemporaryItems
>curl -O 
>tar -xzf mailman-2.1.12.tgz
>cd mailman-2.1.12
># Pick One, anyone, none of them work:
># ./configure --prefix=/usr/share/mailman --with-var-prefix=/var/ 
>mailman --with-username=_mailman --with-groupname=_mailman --with-cgi- 
># ./configure --prefix=/usr/share/mailman --with-var-prefix=/var/ 
>mailman --with-username=_mailman --with-groupname=_mailman --with-mail- 
>gid=_mailman --with-cgi-gid=_www --without-permcheck

The one above should be correct. With Postfix integration, the
"mail-gid" is the primary group of the owner of
/var/mailman/data/aliases.db which should be _mailman. It shouldn't
need --without-permcheck

>./configure --prefix=/usr/share/mailman --with-var-prefix=/var/mailman  
>--with-username=_mailman --with-groupname=_mailman --with-mail- 
>gid=_postfix --with-cgi-gid=_www --without-permcheck
>make install
>chown _www:_mailman /var/mailman/archives/private
>chmod o-r-x /var/mailman/archives/private
>touch /var/mailman/data/aliases
>touch /var/mailman/data/virtual-mailman

The above two touch shouldn't be needed.

>scp #copy from where I'm working on it to its proper home.
>/usr/share/mailman/bin/newlist -q mailman  
>/usr/share/mailman/bin/config_list -i /var/mailman/data/sitelist.cfg  
>/usr/share/mailman/bin/newlist -q galaxy mypassword
>/usr/share/mailman/bin/config_list -i /var/mailman/data/sitelist.cfg  

/var/mailman/data/sitelist.cfg is only intended for the site list named
'mailman' (unless you set something different for MAILMAN_SITE_LISTin You need something like

/usr/share/mailman/bin/newlist -q mailman mypassword
/usr/share/mailman/bin/config_list -i /var/mailman/data/sitelist.cfg

Yo don't want the config_list for other lists.

>/usr/share/mailman/bin/withlist -l -r fix_url galaxy -- 

Instead of the above, just create it with

/usr/share/mailman/bin/newlist -q -u  galaxy mypassword

>cd /usr/share/mailman/bin

If you create the lists in the proper domain with newlist, you don't
need genaliases at this point.

>serveradmin start mail
>./mailmanctl -s start
>./check_perms -f

Do the check_perms before the mailmanctl start

>rm -R /Library/TemporaryItems/

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