On 6/18/09 7:11 PM, Bryan Harrison at br...@bryanharrison.com wrote:

> I've built and installed Mailman 2.12 from current source code and
> have it running just fine under OS X Server 10.5.7, with on exception,
> which is not properly speaking a Mailman problem at all.
> If I start Mailman from the CLI, using /usr/share/mailman/bin/
> mailmanctl -s start, all is well.
> If I allow launchd to start it
> ŠI get an endless succession ofŠ
> Jun 18 16:50:26 org.list.mailmanctl[1697]: Starting Mailman's master
> qrunner.
> Jun 18 16:50:26 com.apple.launchd[1] (org.list.mailmanctl[1697]):
> Stray process with PGID equal to this dead job: PID 1698 PPID 1 Python
> Jun 18 16:50:26 com.apple.launchd[1] (org.list.mailmanctl): Throttling
> respawn: Will start in 9 seconds

Known issue, no idea why. I've been running Mailman on Client OS X since the
Tiger days. As soon as I upgraded to Leopard, I started seeing this happen
intermittently. I have a launchd plist almost identical to yours.

It is intermittent for me. Probably happens about 1 in 3 boots. I try to
remember to check that it's running after reboots. If not, I have a cron job
that runs hourly to check for the proper number of qrunners and send me
e-mail if any or all are missing.

Larry Stone

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