Can you please let me know regarding below email on how to check which database 
it is using.

Thank you,


From: Anilkumar Padmaraju
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 11:29 AM
To: '' <>
Subject: Checking the Database

Where can I check which Database our mailman server is using.

As per the link 
our mailman server does not have file /etc/mailman.cfg

On our mailman server dir is under /usr/local/mailman and has below dirs.
archives  cron   lists  mail      pythonlib  spam       unsubscribes.log
bin       data   locks  Mailman   qfiles     templates
cgi-bin   icons  logs   messages  scripts    tests

The mailman.cfg is not in that dir as well.  Is there any other file I need to 
check to see which database it is using.

Thank you,

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