I have an installed list runningĀ mailman-2.1.18-1 and just set up a SSL
cert from Let's Encrypt to run the site to which the list is attached
via https on port 443.

The list moderator emailed me noting that she was having trouble
clearing moderated posts, a problem which I verified, and changes to
some administrative options also fail.

It seems that, as I had it configured, Let's Encrypt's automated setup
uses an Apache RewriteRule to force http requests to https requests,
and at points in the Mailman admin menus, the system seems to want to
fall back to http requests, and forcing them, again, to rewrite these
internal URLs from http to https breaks things.

So what's the proper way to take a list that's been running via port 80
and make it run entirely via port 443?

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