On Tue, 2018-03-06 at 19:36 -0600, Lindsay Haisley wrote:
> I have an installed list running mailman-2.1.18-1 and just set up a SSL
> cert from Let's Encrypt to run the site to which the list is attached
> via https on port 443.
> The list moderator emailed me noting that she was having trouble
> clearing moderated posts, a problem which I verified, and changes to
> some administrative options also fail.
> It seems that, as I had it configured, Let's Encrypt's automated setup
> uses an Apache RewriteRule to force http requests to https requests,
> and at points in the Mailman admin menus, the system seems to want to
> fall back to http requests, and forcing these internal URLs, again,
> to be rewritten by the web server from http to https breaks things.
> So what's the proper way to take a list that's been running via port 80
> and make it run entirely via port 443?

I've found 
which is helpful, but apparently, at least with MM 2.1.1, it was
necessary to to set DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN as a global setting. On FMP's
server, some lists are associated with sites that are accessed via port
80 and as yet I don't have SSL enabled for their domains, so I need to
be able to make this setting on a per-list basis.

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