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On 9/5/2022 9:19 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Michael Reeder -- Hygeia MS writes:

  > AT&T has now started blocking the IP address of the multiple
  > auto-forwarding email addresses I set up to get around them blocking the
  > IP address of my GNU Mailman list.

I have to conclude AT&T wants to get rid of their email provision

Is there possibly something somebody could consider spammy in your
content, such as frequent or repeated announcements of new services or
invitations to events?  Do members ever report the list traffic being
marked as (potential) spam?  Are these discussion lists among the
members, or is it all announcements from your side?
Few frequent or repeated announcements or event invitations (we don't allow paid event ads).  I suppose the list headers and footers themselves could look too frequent.

No known instances of members reporting us as spam.

There is lots of ongoing discussion amongst members -- not an announcement list.

  > 37 list members at risk unless they change their email addresses.

AT&T hates them, so I recommend they get an alternative address for
list mail and eventually get off AT&T altogether.  It's not going to
get better, I imagine.  But most likely they won't change until they
get sued for nonpayment of bills invoiced to their AT&T address. :-/
We are now requiring them to get non-AT&T addresses.  A shame really.

  > We started 20+ years ago with a different list program and hosting
  > provider, so we have lots of legacy members suddenly getting cut off.

Do you keep archives?  If so, an RSS feed might be the way to
communicate to them in somewhat less than real time.  Similarly,
moving to Mailman 3 + HyperKitty allows use of the archives in a way
quite similar to dedicated web forum software like Discourse.
Finally (though I hate to recommend it) you could move to forum
software or Google Groups.
Mailman 3 and HyperKitty may be an option if we port away from Dream Host management of GNU Mailman where we don't have command line access.  That said, Dream Host is responsive to concerns so I do not intend to throw them under the bus for having some restrictions.

I'll look into RSS feeds...

I have considered forum software (like phpBB) and Google Groups. This becomes more attractive the more large players give us problems.  I am dumping AT&T users, have special directions in place for Microsoft/Hotmail users, and am wondering if we are about to have further problems with AOL and Gmail.  At some point this gets unsustainable.

I'm sorry to be putting all the work on you, but I don't think there's
anything Mailman can do.  It seems AT&T just doesn't want your list

Steve -- I agree there is not much Mailman can do.  I need some combination of more admin knowledge of DMARC/SPF, command line access, different software, and/or hosting the group at a larger industry player like Google Groups that I suspect is not given so much guff simply because they are Google.

-- Michael
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