On 19 September 2016, at 0514, Shoshanna Green wrote:

I just tried to email a group defined in Contacts.app, BCCing myself as usual. When I began to type the group name into the To: line, MailMate autofilled it (with "(Group)") at the end, but didn't expand it to list the individual members of the group. My memory is that sometimes it does expand to list the names and sometimes it doesn't, so I shrugged and sent it anyway -- and my BCCed copy arrived indicating that it hadn't gone to anyone else but me: there is no To: line on the message, and in the message window it shows (No Correspondent).

Once MailMate matches the name of your group, hit return, or, comma (if you have other addresses).

At that point, it expands to the lists of members. Not before. It also doesn't expand if you hit tab to go to the next field.

I always assumed this was by design, so didn't whinge about it...but the return/comma approach has always worked for me.


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