This should be as easy as:

1. Right click (ctrl+click) MailMate icon and choose Get Info;
2. Drag the old Icon onto the new icon in the info panel (top left). You’ll have to do this every time you update though.


On 19 Sep 2016, at 12:09, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

On 15 Sep 2016, at 23:02, Paul Hoffman wrote:

Greetings. I don't want to seem that I don't like all the new features and fixes (because: thank you!), but the new program icon is "too similar" to the one for, which I still run for a different account. Is there any way to choose which icons to use so some of us can revert? I don't see anything in the preferences.

No, there is no such option and I'm not going to include two application icons with MailMate. Your best/only option is probably to manually (or using a script) replace the MailMate icon after each update of the application. It's located here:

The old icon can be found within one of the old downloads:

Note that the old icon has some kind of issue with macOS Sierra. I'm unlikely to look into fixing that, but let me know if you do and I'll make it available for other users (just not within MailMate itself).

(I don't know if some third party application exists which makes it easier to override “default” icons.)


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