On 20 Sep 2016, at 00.25, Pedro Lobo wrote:

This should be as easy as:

1. Right click (ctrl+click) MailMate icon and choose Get Info;
2. Drag the old Icon onto the new icon in the info panel (top left). You’ll have to do this every time you update though.

And the way this works underneath, it makes an invisible file called 'Icon' at the top level of the application package. So you could always do this manually once, then set up a script (or similar) to copy that same 'Icon' file back in there regularly/after MailMate updates.

(With some applications, you can be lucky and find that updates only replace the contents of the application package, rather than the whole thing -- and that way, your custom icon survives across updates with no further intervention on your part. I've been pleasantly surprised to find this is the case for iTunes, for many versions. :-))

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