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My question is, what’s the best way to achieve this? I see two options (though there may be more).

Can't you just set account B's email address as an additional address on account B and choose to send from it when necessary?

From: https://manual.mailmate-app.com/account_setup

Email Address(es)
A comma-separated list of email addresses used for the account. Note that you should only add the addresses which you often use for new messages. These addresses are shown in a popup in the composer window, but the popup also allows you to customize the address. When replying to a message, MailMate automatically tries to use the email address for which the original message was sent. This does not require the address to be explicitly declared in the settings, but it does require an “Address Pattern” as described below.

If needed, an alternative name can be assigned to each address. Here is an example: “addre...@example.com, Other Name <addre...@example.com>”. The first address would be paired with the full name specified for the account, but the other address would be paired with the explicitly given alternative name: “Other Name”.

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