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2. In MM Account Settings for B, remove the IMAP Server information/credentials and leave the SMTP Server credentials. (I haven’t tried this so am not sure it would even work.)

This might actually work, but note that you cannot prevent Google from saving a copy of sent messages in account B while MailMate would save them in account A (if the email address is provided for Email Address(es) of account A).

You should check [this setting](https://manual.mailmate-app.com/hidden_preferences#alternative-smtp-server) although I don't think it'll do exactly what you need it to do. You'll probably have to manually switch SMTP when switching between sending from the two email addresses.

My hunch is that option 1 is the way to go. I’ll add that I tried implementing option 1 several times, and MailMate crashed every time when I clicked the **Apply** button in the IMAP Account Settings dialog.

Could you send me some step-by-step instructions to reproduce this (off list) and a crash report. Then I'll see if I can reproduce/fix it.

Thanks in advance!

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