> IMAP is better if you have more than one device.

I know that's the standard use case, but it doesn't apply to me.  The only
reason I'm considering IMAP, is because MailMate has some features I want.

I have many hundreds of email addresses.  It's how I control spam.  It looks
like MailMate won't choke on that.  MM is also the only true power-user's mail
client that I've found.  It has a lot of flexibility and customizability. 
That's all appealing, but it seems like the way I use email is more compatible
with the POP3 philosophy.

> you can always run dovecot or some such on your laptop; you'll
> then be speaking IMAP locally.

I looked into that.  It seems complicated and prone to failure.  I'm technical
enough.  I know I could get it running, but that's a hassle.  Something could
go wrong at an inopportune time.  I'd prefer to leave dovecot and mail servers
to the experts.

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