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I really dig MailMate; there is just one thing I can't figure out. There is a nice HTML version of my email created. This is good for most purposes. But sometimes you want to just go "old-skool" and only send plain text emails. How in the manual you are directed to the "Compose settings" but I really don't want to change the default.

Above this email I'm writing now the "bar" it says "Plain text", but as I see the preview window I'm sure an html version will be send alongside. Is there a magic button and/or menu option I can select to prevent the html version being generated?

The preview window shows you what MailMate would show if receiving the email. This is always HTML since MailMate uses an HTML view to show messages. In other words, even plain text messages are converted to HTML. You can use ⌥⌘U to see the raw message (to see exactly what is generated). Alternatively, use “View ▸ Message Body Parts” to see if more than plain text is available.

If you use the “Plain Text” option then HTML is *only* generated if MailMate has embedded HTML (as part of replying/forwarding some types of HTML email). Or if you have enabled in the Composer preferences pane that MailMate should always generate HTML in order to be able to style the outgoing message.

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