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On 6 Mar 2018, at 5:20, Stijn Jonker wrote:

Dear list,

I really dig MailMate; there is just one thing I can't figure out. There is a nice HTML version of my email created. This is good for most purposes. But sometimes you want to just go "old-skool" and only send plain text emails. How in the manual you are directed to the "Compose settings" but I really don't want to change the default.

Yes, you do, after a fashion...

Above this email I'm writing now the "bar" it says "Plain text", but as I see the preview window I'm sure an html version will be send alongside. Is there a magic button and/or menu option I can select to prevent the html version being generated?

In the 3rd section of the Preferences->Composer pane, there's a "Generate HTML even if only for styling" checkbox. Uncheck it.

This was the "culprit" I left that one on, and as such it seem to always do HTML.

Using the toolbar menu to select "Markdown" instead of "Plain text" and actually using some Markdown should still get you a HTML version.

Thx, nice trick :-)


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