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Dear list,

I really dig MailMate; there is just one thing I can't figure out. There is a nice HTML version of my email created. This is good for most purposes. But sometimes you want to just go "old-skool" and only send plain text emails. How in the manual you are directed to the "Compose settings" but I really don't want to change the default.

Yes, you do, after a fashion...

Above this email I'm writing now the "bar" it says "Plain text", but as I see the preview window I'm sure an html version will be send alongside. Is there a magic button and/or menu option I can select to prevent the html version being generated?

In the 3rd section of the Preferences->Composer pane, there's a "Generate HTML even if only for styling" checkbox. Uncheck it.

Using the toolbar menu to select "Markdown" instead of "Plain text" and actually using some Markdown should still get you a HTML version.
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