Steve Atkins wrote:
On Sep 15, 2016, at 5:12 PM, Franck Martin via mailop <> wrote:

I do not want to talk for the moderator/list owner but we have representatives 
from all the different types of mail systems, small, big and huge, that are 
engaged on this list.

Please be careful when you approach a problem you are facing, stick to the 
facts, avoid adversarial language.

I think we want to keep everyone engaged. I know some issues are frustrating...
I don't think I've seen anything in the past few days on mailop that'd trigger 
this sort of observation. If anything, it's been a more than usually pleasant, 
active few days with some productive conversation and even some banter between 
long-time colleagues. The only thing that was even marginally heated was the 
thread explaining to someone hosting snowshoe spammers that they'd probably 
need to stop doing that to get delisted. Perhaps I missed something, or perhaps 
something was misunderstood.

+1 to that Steve, no idea where it came from as it seems quite polite and considered... Those of us with long memories still have their killfiles and still use them with maximum prejudice, but that just results in silence rather than adversarial noise.


Michelle Sullivan

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