That would be Rob, and although his list has a small subscriber base, it's not 
really accurate to say it's defunct.


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We just developed a new internal RBL monitor and a couple hosts we were testing 
with showed hits on invaluement but when we went to the website or checked by 
hand it showed no listing 

When I asked my developer about it he said "invalument is a defunct list so 
useful for testing"

Although no mention of that on their website 

So I don't know what to make of this one

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> On Jan 13, 2017, at 6:24 AM, John Levine <> wrote:
> One of my users' personal domains got on an invaluement blacklist, and 
> I'm baffled.  While he took it off as soon as we noticed, this is a 
> personal domain, all the mail goes through my server, and it's very 
> unlikely that it was ever involved in anything naughty.
> So it'd be nice to know whether it was a goof, or I'm missing something.
> If anyone wants to look further, the domain is
> Tnx,
> John
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