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 you write:
>I see delays in connections to, with 20 seconds between the 
>connection and ">>> 220 Ok"
>I guess I'm not the only one, but I don't know if it's the same for everyone, 
>or if there are "reasons" for that to happen in some conditions.
>Do you folks witness the same behavior? 

I tried it and I see similar delays:

Complicated theory: it's an anti-spam trick known as early talker.
Spamware tends to blast stuff out as soon as it connects, so if you
delay the banner message and the client sends HELO/EHLO before you've
sent the banner, you know it's a someone you don't want to hear from.

Simple theory: there are similar delays after EHLO and MAIL FROM, so
they seem to be severly overloaded.  Don't take it personally. That's
why your mail server can do a zillion connections at once.


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