On Wed, 11 Apr 2018, Ned Freed wrote:
MTAs, maybe. But your typical MTA also acts as an MSA.

Mine's atypical, the MSA is a separate program that I haven't tried to fix yet. At this point I'm exchanging EAI mail with other places, using the scanning hack to decide whether to look for SMTPUTF8 when sending it to other systems.

Besides, I have a sneaking suspicions that those who take the step of offering
addresses in scripts that have these issues are going to be so busy dealing
with visual similarity, address fakery, and similar issues that we'll be lucky if they do any sort of normalization at all, let alone dive deep into
the rabbit hole.

My impression is that for the forseeable future most of the EAI interest will be in India and maybe China where the similarity issues are different, so in practice you're right, the funkiness of all the languages written in Latin characters will get no attention.

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