In January I decided to unsubscribe from the Thompson and Morgan
mailing lists. Thompson and Morgan are a well known supplier of seeds
and plants in the UK. I have bought from them twice in the last 2 or 3
years, but I felt that getting at least one email a day, sometimes
more from a company I only buy from very occasionally was excessive.

I didn't anticipate any issues with unsubscribing. I just clicked
through the unsubscribe link and may have confirmed the request of
that was required. After 2 weeks, email was still arriving, so I tried

By the 16th of February it was clear that the unsubscribe was not
working, so I emailed their customer service team. They responded on
the 17th telling me that they would look int the problem and they had
removed me from their mailing list.

By the middle of March there was no change, so I emailed them again on
15th March. This time they did not bother to reply.

On 23rd March, I looked into their data protection details. The
contact was the same customer care email that was failing to resolve
the issue.

Looking at the email headers, I saw that they, or their ESP, were
members of CSA, so I submitted a complaint to the CSA. The initial
response appeared to focus on email content and address collection,
rather than the actual issue of unsubscription.

Eventually I was asked for permission to pass the email to the ESP as
part of the investigation. Although I wasn't confident that any
positive action would be taken, I expected that the emails would
finally stop and that I would get some response from CSA.

It is now October. The emails are still coming and there has been no
further communication from CSA. 

Neil Youngman

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