On Tue 03/Dec/2019 01:12:58 +0100 Michael Peddemors via mailop wrote:
> But frankly, I would judge which company to recommend based on their abuse
> team's professionalism.  (In that regard, have to say while Hetzner may not be
> as pro-active as we like, but they are far better than OVH in their abuse
> department responses)

That's an interesting stance.  From an abuse reporter POV, I agree with your
points above, as well as with the claims of professionalism for AWS and Linode
that followed in that thread.

However, what about other providers I never heard of?  Maybe they don't have so
many abusive devices, or they don't reply to abuse reports.  Perhaps, I should
track IP addresses grouped by abuse team.  If abuse from a given address stops,
it should mean the corresponding abuse team solved the case.  But then, IP
addresses (I only have IPv4) are always the same, and some providers rotate
them among different customers, so I cannot tell from outside whether they did
disinfect a specific customer or not.  Suggestions?

What other means are there for abuse team ranking, anyway?


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