Domnius scripist:
>> I sent a private note to the sender, but perhaps it's worth saying
>> here, as well. I'm sure this was an accident. But please don't put
>> Mantovano on lists-of-people-I-send-jokes-to. Messages on this list
>> are sometimes infrequent. I'm happy with that, so long as, when we do
>> talk, it's about Virgil.
I am unable to shake off an image of some teacher in Central Ohio
thinking to herself, "Hmmmmmmm...what group of people would enjoy
receiving this joke?" and choosing without hesitation this Vergil list!

Actually, what I'm looking for, info-wise, is a book/article
that would be considered the definitive comparison of
Aeneas and Odysseus...

Bob White

Robert T. White
Shaker Heights HS
Shaker Heights OH


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