We wrote a tiny MBX to verify a very basic MI PRO Y2K issue - date 
handling. You could probably write it yourself. The program 
subtracts Date1 from Date2 and gives the result in days.

Under Windows 95 the test passed with flying colours (I expected no 

1) March 1, 1999 minus February 28, 1999 = 1 day.
2) March 1, 2000 minus February 28, 2000 = 2 days.
3) Various dates spanning 1999 and 2000.

So, yes, MI PRO (and probably the other MI products as well) handle 
dates to our satisfaction.

HOWEVER - the Y2K issue is far more involved than just date handling 
under MI. For starters, check your (old) hardware and your (old) 
operating sustem for four digit support of the year, and your 
(hopefully old) custom applications for years programmed with only 
two digits. Reprogram where necessary.

Then, if you have "mission critical" applications, get in an expert 

Hope this helps.

> I am trying to deal with some of the Y2K issues surrounding MapInfo, and
> how we will be affected with the products we're using, of which I know
> that some are not Y2K compliant.
> Anitra Robertson
> GIS Operator
> Tattersall's
> Melbourne, Australia

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