This is a little feature of MapInfo that always draws map objects by Rowid,
not the thematic value.  Even sorting and saving will not always work if you
pack or add/change an object - they are all internally re-numbered.
The best solution (which I use daily) is to query everything in the table
with Sort By... [your intended thematic column] to a new table (call it
PopAsc I guess.  The default name is Query1 of course).  Now Add that Query
table to your layer structure and turn off the display of it and the
original table that created it.  Make your thematic on this new table, and
it will redraw with the Highest values on top.  For Varying circles, you may
want the biggest on the botttom so you can still see the small ones.  In
that case just add desc (for descending) to the Sort By... [column] line in
the query dialog.
This technique simply redraws the map objects from the Top down (browser
order), regardless of what kind of thematic you want.
Newer MI versions (4.5-5.0) will save this query in the workspace so you
don't have to re-do it everytime you want to look at your project.
Good Luck-
Jason Adam
Computer Draftsperson
Monopros Limited
One William Morgan Drive
Toronto, ON

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> Subject:      MI Pro Thematic Maps
> Greetings, List.
> A point file (cities) has a numeric field (population). A thematic
> map is produced with Point Ranges, with a setting of circles arranged
> by size.
> Strangely (?) enough, there is no consistency as to how these circles
> overlap. Some of the large circles overlap smaller ones, and some of
> the large circles are overlapped by the small ones. I tried sorting 
> the file by population, saving it that way, recreating all the 
> graphics (after the sort) and using it as the base file for 
> thematics. Same result.
> One would expect that the drawing of symbols in a THEMATIC map would
> be in the sequence of the values being "themed" and thus either the
> largest symbols would be drawn first and the smaller ones would be
> visible above it, or the largest symbols would be drawn last,
> concealing all, or part, of the smaller symbols underneath it.
> Has anyone found a method to actually achieve the  consistent effect
> described above?
> TIA to all responders.
> Best regards,
> Alex Eshed
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