Thanks, Jason.

That cleared the issue.

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> Subject:       RE: MI Pro Thematic Maps
> Date:          Mon, 5 Jul 1999 10:00:27 -0400 

> Alex-
> This is a little feature of MapInfo that always draws map objects by Rowid,
> not the thematic value.  Even sorting and saving will not always work if you
> pack or add/change an object - they are all internally re-numbered.
> The best solution (which I use daily) is to query everything in the table
> with Sort By... [your intended thematic column] to a new table (call it
> PopAsc I guess.  The default name is Query1 of course).  Now Add that Query
> table to your layer structure and turn off the display of it and the
> original table that created it.  Make your thematic on this new table, and
> it will redraw with the Highest values on top.  For Varying circles, you may
> want the biggest on the botttom so you can still see the small ones.  In
> that case just add desc (for descending) to the Sort By... [column] line in
> the query dialog.
> This technique simply redraws the map objects from the Top down (browser
> order), regardless of what kind of thematic you want.
> Newer MI versions (4.5-5.0) will save this query in the workspace so you
> don't have to re-do it everytime you want to look at your project.
> Good Luck-
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> > From:       Alex Eshed [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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> > Subject:    MI Pro Thematic Maps
> > 
> > Greetings, List.
> > 
> > A point file (cities) has a numeric field (population). A thematic
> > map is produced with Point Ranges, with a setting of circles arranged
> > by size.
> > 
> > Strangely (?) enough, there is no consistency as to how these circles
> > overlap. Some of the large circles overlap smaller ones, and some of
> > the large circles are overlapped by the small ones. I tried sorting 
> > the file by population, saving it that way, recreating all the 
> > graphics (after the sort) and using it as the base file for 
> > thematics. Same result.
> > 
> > One would expect that the drawing of symbols in a THEMATIC map would
> > be in the sequence of the values being "themed" and thus either the
> > largest symbols would be drawn first and the smaller ones would be
> > visible above it, or the largest symbols would be drawn last,
> > concealing all, or part, of the smaller symbols underneath it.
> > 
> > Has anyone found a method to actually achieve the  consistent effect
> > described above?
> > 
> > TIA to all responders.

Best regards,
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