This is ridiculous....... Why don't you all take 3-5 minutes of your own
time to find somewhere on "THE" comparison and stop with these
shallow "my dad is bigger than your dad" songs.... AND if your going to make
comparisons... why don't you put some technical "backing" to your
comments.... see my review below...........MY COMMENTS BEGIN WITH ">>>>>>>"
below....... looks like Patterson Graydon just needed to vent...but didn't
know how or about what!?

Here in an interesting user review from Patterson Graydon of the
Ottawa-Carlelton Police Department.  It was posted on the crimemap
list server in response to a request for persons who had used both
MapInfo and ARCView


We made a similar move from MapInfo to ArcView last spring (1998).

Pro's to making switch
*       ESRI products seem to much more robust in terms of add-ins, scripts,
useful tools etc

>>>>>>>>> really....could you be a little bit more vague..... Every tried
writing scripts in Acrview? point further on below....

*       Most. if not all, government generated data seems to be in Arc

>>>>>>>> So what! MapInfo has an ArcView to MapInfo translator. (and don't
come back with.......well......topology and sometimes labels don't get

*       ArcView is easily programmed (if you have a knowledgeable
programmer) to make the product look customized and do all sorts of neat

>>>>>> If you have a knowledgeable programmer...hahahha hell of a fine
print! Writing code in MapInfo 101. Ever tried using a MapBasic window in
MapInfo......then cutting and pasting the code it echoes out to build your
own code into MapBasic???? How hard it that....and best of don't
need a $45,000.00 programmer to go along with it! Granted not all functions
can be replicated that way.......most people that know little about MapBasic
pick it up in no time...........

*       ESRI's SDE product makes data serving very slick

>>>>> Data very slick? boy this means anything from slippery to

*       Layering is nicer in that attributes are attached via a project
(a.k.a. workspace in MapInfo), not attached to a map layer.

>>>>>> and the use here is? (I'm actually not being sarcastic here)

*       Most of ArcView's projects, scripts are text-editable to assist in
recovering damaged files.

>>>>>>>> MapInfo doesn't "damage" someone just wrote a utility
to batch edit all workspaces (I'll let you guys find the app on Bill's page)

*       Printed maps look very professional

>>>>>> Your output can only be as creative as the @#$@#$ sitting behind the
software....... Granted MapInfo needs a bit of "Cartography" 101 for their
outputs.... that's a user issue........

*       ESRI support is outstanding, they are very responsive and nice to
work with. MapInfo was difficult to work out problems with, unless you
happened upon the right support person.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Tech support is tech support.......MapInfo has had some low
points in their knowledgeable staff behind the phones...but I think they've
greatly improved......besides....if tech support is THAT much of an
issue.......shouldn't you be using another software?

*       About 2-3 times the cost (MapInfo & Vertical Mapper are about $2000,
while ArcView and Spatial Analyst are $6000)

>>>>>>>>> That's without counting the "programmers" salary that doesn't come
with the software...........

*       Not as intuitive as MapInfo, MapInfo is a GUI desktop product with
ease of use. ArcView is built up from a DOS background with a GUI add-on,
not everything works smoothly.

>>>>>>>> Why don't you re-read your points't you
contradicting yourself here?  do words like "ESRI products seem to much more
robust in terms of add-ins, scripts, useful tools etc"......... you need
review this minor contradiction........

*       Printed maps are very easy to produce with MapInfo layouts,
ArcView's is very time consuming to design - but look better when done.

>>>>>> you're doing it again.....!

As an end-user of the product, I like ArcView's functionality better.
However I used to actually use MapInfo more than I use ArcView now. I found
it very easy  to get in and use MapInfo and do much of the mapping myself.
Now, I ask someone else to do it because I don't have the time and patience
to work in ArcView.

>>>>>>>>> Man....after this're whole comparison is

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