What you need to do is store your attributes in Access with the polygons in
MapInfo and a common ID which you can relate the items in the MapInfo table
to the Access table.
Now, open the Access table using ODBC and the MapInfo polygon table. Use SQL
select to join the 2 tables
(ie. Select * from MapTable, AccessTable where MapTable.ID=AccessTableID)
Now, save the joined table as a a query
(File > Save Query...)
Close all the files and open the table you just saved the query as (it will
be a *.TAB file). This will open the 2 original files (MapInfo and Access)
and join them together.
Hope this helps

Chris Perry 
Systems Development CoOrdinator 
Parks Victoria, Melbourne, Australia 
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We are going to build the relational database (few tables ) in Access and
would like to establish connection with MapInfo using ODBC. So far, we have
an experience of using ODBC for point data. However, this time the tabular
attributes stored in Access will be related to polygons.Although we are
aware that Access does not have a Spatial Cartridge and cannot store
polygons or line attributes, we just wonder, whether is there a way of
overcoming this problem, i.e: when queering the data in Mapinfo from Access
(ODBC)we will get tabular data, only. Can we get a map of polygons at the
same time, as in case of point data.
Thank you.

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