In this case, MI is not crashing. It is just that queries with a subquery based on objects are very time consuming. MI should be able to perform your query within a few hours. However, there is an alternative, which should be much faster:

Select tab1.id from tab1,tab2 where tab1.obj within tab2.obj into selection

Then revert the selection with:

Select * from tab1 where id not in (Select id from selection) into selection
-> this one can still takes minutes!!

id should be a integer or text column which uniquely identifies the records.

Hope this help
Hi, I am running a simple select query for objects in two large datasets (few thousand records each). Unfortunately, MapInfo (v.5.0) crashes (not responding) after applying this query. I tested this for few records and the software is working fine. It seems that the problem concerns the size of the table?? I have lots of memory, fresh workspace and only these tables which are necessary. ( I have to run the query on objects not on records!) Any ideas what's wrong? Just in case, the query : select* from tab1 where not obj within any (select obj from tab2) into selection Thanks, Ewa

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