> We have a large experience with wireless data and their is technology
> available, depending on what you want to cover (City and/or rural).  Our
> software interfaces with any wireless data network and we provide the
> proper mobile solution accordingly.  We have a web version of GeoNav, our
> tracking and messaging system.  You can see it live on our website and it
> uses vector maps..
> As far as mobile equipment is concerned, their is a few options available
> but you have to evaluate :
> *     $ of mobile hardware (coverage)
> *     $ of airtime (frequency and data size)
> We have integrated a dual mode Orbcomm/Aeris unit that uses either the
> cellular system or the Orbcomm satellite system depending on network
> availability, I think it could be interesting based on what I read in your
> e-mail.... Their is a few other dual mode mobile communication hardware
> devices on the market and it is a fast pace but unstable business.      
> Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions...
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> Martin F. Johnson 
> GeoCom TMS Inc.
> Tel. : (418) 650-5500 ext. 230
> Fax.: (418) 650-3291
> Web site :
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