The following respects the required syntax for MapBasic window and SQL requester. If you are programming in MB, you could replace (obj,1) by (obj,obj_info_type)
select * from table1 where val(objectinfo(obj,1))=1 into selection
object types are
1 (arc) 2 (ellipse/circle) 3 (line) 4 (polyline) 5 (point) 6 (layout fframe) 7 region) 8 (rectangle) 9 (rounded rect) 10 (text)
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Imagine a table holding points, polylines and regions (polygons in the real world). Is there a one-stop method for sql selecting all the points, or all the lines etc..
I can do it in a two-stop method; as below;
Select id, obj from table1 into Selection
Browse * From Selection
and then;
Select id from table1 into Selection
Where table1.Object = "Point"
Browse * From Selection
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