A quicker way is to download the stylist mbx from the ftp site, which allows
you to pick one feature in your map, and then automatically select all other
features with corresponding display attributes. If you pick one point, and
then turn off all the criteria for size, colour and style matching, it will
select all the other points in the table. It's one of those simple little
mbx's that is enormously useful at times.
I may not have been the first to reply, but as I gave the best answer, do I
get to claim the free joke from Chad?
By the way, there is another problem with the new ftp site, there's no
warning about fastening seat belts. It's so fast I bumped my forehead on the
monitor the first time I used it.


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Subject: MI Selecting using object type in an assorted table

Imagine a table holding points, polylines and regions (polygons in the real
world). Is there a one-stop method for sql selecting all the points, or all
the lines etc..
I can do it in a two-stop method; as below;
Select id, obj from table1 into Selection
Browse * From Selection
and then;
Select id from table1 into Selection
Where table1.Object = "Point"
Browse * From Selection
A free rude joke (from Chad) to anyone who can come up with an answer
Andrew Bailey

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