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Related to this,
I wondered if the WMF could be interested in this request for support

One of the core requirements is the data centre is in the EU, for three reasons, and I believe the WMF is entirely in North America.

1. The privacy implications of leaving the EU are complex.

2. This is a data centre move, not starting a new site. Customs charges and the difficulty of physically moving the servers are likely to make outside the EU expensive and very complicated

3. Ping requirements require the site to be in Europe, or near it. A new site wouldn't have this constraint, as it could serve a different role, but this site needs good connectivity for cross-datacentre failover.

If the WMF were interested in supporting with hardware or rack space, I'm sure the OWG would be interested.

The problem is likely to be having hardware in the production network not administered by WMF operations.

OSM's biggest need is for human resources, not computer ones. On the technical side, developers helping with code, people writing documentation, etc. On the non-technical side, people who can write helping out OSMF's Communications Working Group, and other people bringing the skills they have.

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