Le 18-11-20 à 05 h 31, Mike Saunders a écrit :
> Hi Fabian,
> On 19/11/2018 17:59, Fabián Rodríguez wrote:
>> I would like to see more content on non-GAFAM platforms, relying too
>> much or exclusively on YouTube comes with important restrictions and the
>> risk of having such content removed or unavailable.
>> It also encourages joining such platforms which is not possible and
>> often incoherent with values associated to using LibreOffice in the
>> first place.
> For the benefit of others in the list, GAFAM = Google, Apple, Facebook,
> Amazon, Microsoft (I'd never heard of that before!).

Thank you. This project explains clearly why it's important to stop
relying on them and what alternatives there may be:


> Yes, we have to be available on fully free platforms, and I've asked the
> infra community to look into PeerTube as an alternative to YouTube. At
> the same time, if we want to spread the word, we have to go where the
> people are.
> I'm no big fan of Facebook, but it's an extremely effective way to reach
> new users who weren't aware that LibreOffice exists, and encourage
> existing users to tell new people.

Yes, PeerTube would be interesting to add to share videos. Self-hosting
on day one may not be immediately feasible, other existing instances may
be used initially. Regarding Facebook, I am not sure how you measure
that efficiency but we're past the point of naively believing it only
has benefits, in fact it's the opposite. Look at the right column
"Facebook in the news" at https://deletefacebook.com/ or "Reasons not to
use Facebook <https://stallman.org/facebook.html>".

Right now https://www.libreoffice.org suggests using Twitter, Facebook,
G+ (which is effectively dead), YouTube and Reddit: 100% non-free
platforms where anyone deciding not to use them can't contribute to
spread the word.

diaspora*, Mastodon, discourse and others could be considered as viable
alternatives now, but I think it should be another thread and given
proper discussion space.

> I'll provide an update about PeerTube when I have more info!

Thank you, looking forward to providing any help I can.




Fabián Rodríguez

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