Howdy Bhairavi,

So the shortest answer to who is the target audience; The general expo
floor attendee at SCaLE (Sothern California Linux Expo) as a print piece.
Actually what I would like to do is have few versions of the basic piece
with two on the Notebook interface (tabs/Groups and Menu Management) then
one on LibreOffice Online / Android viewer.  That linux expo of course can
be a stand in for plenty others, but timing wise that show is second week
in March, so my target is last week of February to have the series complet.

I would figure on generating 90dpi versions based off the print files for
use online and that would likely include light changes to layout also.

In my mind as this plan hatched it was the harvest graphic, downloaded as a
personalization theme last week, which got me to think of the UI changes in
the toolbar, the refactoring work that has gone into making LOOL what it is
becoming, and other major enhancements/expansions, made the first last
seven years as the harvest reaped from the work of the community and
foundation members. I would like to find a why to bring that image into the
graphics and text.

Now remember this is just a couple of screen shot, and I was really do
those just to reacquaint myself to doing them at first (working out a set
of GIMP filters) for generating print graphics, and the text is intended to
be the very root of a chapter about the notebook bar in a guide. The
graphic design elements was also a test run as I'd not looked at LO
branding in a good while.

So basically everything can be changed - but I was hoping to block of the
layout with the moment and just think about what to say in the text.

This I think turned into the piece focused on menu management with the
Notebook bar in use - there is more to say on the details still for this
piece, another paragraph maybe two.

So don't laugh; the jpeg is available (with a link good for the next 48
hours, cause this is temp file) at

Best wishes,


ps - I found that the latest build of the software now has keyboard
navigation working on the notebook bar, so there you go, even more stuff to
tell folks about.. ;-)

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 3:03 AM Bhairavi Parikh <> wrote:

> Hi Drew,
> I'm a copywriter and also on the LibreOffice marketing group.
> I've tried to set up an account on Next Cloud but am unable to.
> Is it possible for you to share a JPG with me so I can suggest changes to
> the copy?
> Who is our target audience for this piece? In what places will it appear -
> online and offline?
> Regards,
> Bhairavi.
> On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 10:12 AM Drew Jensen <>
> wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> OK, so I've taken what I've heard on the list here, thanks again, and make
>> some changes to this file.
>> First the graphics design elements. I pulled the libo6 branding zip file
>> off the wiki (and the 5), I used the logo from this branding kit and then
>> did a merge of part of the 4 branding and the 6 gray gradient branding. (I
>> do the final background work with GIMP and did not upload the xcf file,
>> but
>> I would do so when this is finished along with odt in a zip file)
>> I did this specifically to come at one of the points, raised here on the
>> list, of presenting the change without causing undue concern regarding the
>> current UI, with the message.
>> You can see this in the file here: ChangingFaceOfLibreOffice.jpeg
>> Text wise you will see it is reading more like a document page than a
>> marketing piece, well I figure that I can try to kill two birds with one
>> stone today.
>> The odt file that is used is also available if you have a NC account and
>> is: ChangingFaceOfLibreOffice.odt
>> Assuming that the graphics stay as is, for the moment, and any wordsmith
>> ideas on presenting the information in the text towards marketing would be
>> deeply appreciated.
>> Thanks and best wishes,
>> Drew
>> p.s. deleted the earlier jpeg off the NC server
>> --
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