Howdy Bhairavi;

Thank you very much for that.

I reviewed everything you sent this last weekend and will put much of it to

So, since no one has said "hey we don't need this or want it" will plow
forward then.

I want to make all of the files (odt, ods, xcf, etc) available for others
to use which raises quick question:

Folder on the NC server (Tabbed Notebook Handouts, I suppose) would make
sense then it could be either in my private space, where I have to share
explicitly to people, or in the common Marketing folder as a sub folder
which is automatically shared.

My preference is as sub folder in the shared marketing space.

If that is fine with folks I'll do so on Wednesday with what I have on it.



On Sun, Dec 2, 2018 at 5:16 AM Bhairavi Parikh <> wrote:

> Hi Drew and everyone,
> PFA PDF and Doc with Comments.
> What do you think?
> B.
> On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 1:33 PM Bhairavi Parikh <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Drew,
>> I'm a copywriter and also on the LibreOffice marketing group.
>> I've tried to set up an account on Next Cloud but am unable to.
>> Is it possible for you to share a JPG with me so I can suggest changes to
>> the copy?
>> Who is our target audience for this piece? In what places will it appear
>> - online and offline?
>> Regards,
>> Bhairavi.
>> On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 10:12 AM Drew Jensen <>
>> wrote:
>>> Howdy,
>>> OK, so I've taken what I've heard on the list here, thanks again, and
>>> make
>>> some changes to this file.
>>> First the graphics design elements. I pulled the libo6 branding zip file
>>> off the wiki (and the 5), I used the logo from this branding kit and then
>>> did a merge of part of the 4 branding and the 6 gray gradient branding.
>>> (I
>>> do the final background work with GIMP and did not upload the xcf file,
>>> but
>>> I would do so when this is finished along with odt in a zip file)
>>> I did this specifically to come at one of the points, raised here on the
>>> list, of presenting the change without causing undue concern regarding
>>> the
>>> current UI, with the message.
>>> You can see this in the file here: ChangingFaceOfLibreOffice.jpeg
>>> Text wise you will see it is reading more like a document page than a
>>> marketing piece, well I figure that I can try to kill two birds with one
>>> stone today.
>>> The odt file that is used is also available if you have a NC account and
>>> is: ChangingFaceOfLibreOffice.odt
>>> Assuming that the graphics stay as is, for the moment, and any wordsmith
>>> ideas on presenting the information in the text towards marketing would
>>> be
>>> deeply appreciated.
>>> Thanks and best wishes,
>>> Drew
>>> p.s. deleted the earlier jpeg off the NC server
>>> --
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