Nice as slapping bottoms might be, Rob, and I never thought you were a
Madonna fan, a more
appropriate measure might be to put offenders in the front row of the scrum
in the coming
final between the Springboks and the All Blacks. Five minutes at tight head
would just about do
the trick ...

If only Proyeccht were still subscribed -- I'd love to see his face as the
engaged. But since he's not, imagination will have to do.

Trouble about not discussing people like him is they're such archetypal
If they didn't exist we might have to invent them. I don't think
"personalities" as such
are the issue, it's the "principles" that the likes of Yechhh represent (or
since they lack
principles, the class interests they so faithfully and energetically serve).

Anyhow, since the world's moving a lot faster than it did just a few
seasons ago, the likes
of Yechhh are becoming too practically irrelevant to cause much of an
obstruction any
more. So many of the briefly fashionable "left" positions of recent years
are ending up on imperialist
ministerial platforms that their supposedly Marxist let alone revolutionary
get washed away in the ensuing tide of blood. Making things much clearer.



>G'day Macdonald,
>I was hoping to let this unhappy little silliness pass, but you're making it
>difficult for me.  I, for one, intend to observe this list's recently
>mentioned and long-standing policy not to engage in discussions concerning
>personalities not subscribed to this list (and sad indeed to see that Jerry
>couldn't live up to a policy to which he explicitly committed himself only
>last month).  And whilst I reckon this 'I'm gonna take my ball and go home'
>talk is a bit over-the-top, Macdonald, you do remind me of this list's
>democratically agreed policy and the role of a co-moderator occasionally to
>lend such commitments some clout.
>If Thaxists wanna renogotiate the policy, well, fine (although I'd join Russ
>in passionately casting a no-change vote in such an event).  Failing that,
>if they wanna keep up unproductive personal sniping, Bill and I would have
>to assume the balance of the list would want us to slap bottoms accordingly.
>The list has been regaining just a little of its old zest of late.  Let's
>not squash the phoenix in its egg, eh?
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