Dear comrades,

I have been quietly reading the Left press in relation to the London 
Election and Ken Livingstone London's Mayoral candidate which is 
happening today.

A large section of the Trotskyist Left and the Marxist Leninist CPGB 
are backing Ken Livingstone  and have gathered themselves together 
into the London Socialist Alliance and will stand for the Greater 
London Authority (where if they are lucky they may win just one 

As someone who leans more towards the position of William Morris and 
the Socialist League of the 1880s (I haven't yet found a 
parliamentary or council election where I would actually vote - 
though I'm not actually opposed in principle) I find their positions 
untenable. They call for a break from Blair but this leave completely 
the nature of the Labour Party itself and how far they rely on Old 
Labour and the Labour Left. In my opinion Blair does is not a 
aberration in the Labour party but constant with its very founding 
ethos of Keir Hardy, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Snowden, 
MacDonald, etc... He just says openly what the Labour party has 
always done in practice.

For a flavour of the debate I have trawled through a small sample 
and quote them in the following emails [with my own comments in 
square brackets or as JW - ]. I'm I the only one who cannot make any 
sense of what on earth they think their up to and their inability to 
come to a coherent position.

John Walker

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