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Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2000 9:45 AM
Subject: Re: M-TH: Lenin and the working class again

LO All,
George: If the working class is, as you claim, "potentially revolutionary" then there is no guarantee that it can spontaneously turn revolutionary which is why a vanguard party is necessary. You hoist yourself with your own petard.
Not at all - who said anything about spontaneously revolutionary?  What we have to do is conscientiously and consciously buoild a mass movement for revolution, it won't happen until the working class is willing and conscious for change.  How could we have a succesful revolution with a vanguard?  Make the programmers work at gun point?  It would degenerate into tyranny, it cannot work.  the only way the workers can be free is if we consciously free ourselves, not have someone lead us to it, or do it for us.  Pace Trotsky, the revoluion is *not* made by teh minority.
Dread Lord Deathy.
This is just another way of saying that you dont want social revolution and will therefore doing nothing to advance it. Your peprspective is nothing but a disguised way of promoting capitalism and maintaining the working class in their present conditon.

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