CB: What is the evidence and argument that _society_ is going through a  
profound revolution in machinery ? What characteristics of today's new   
make the revolution _profound_ in comparison with the revolutions in  
machinery in the last 100 years ? 
Why is American society undergoing this and not the whole world ? If it is  
the whole world then why not say the whole world ?
Thanks for the correct that should be can't - cannot. 

You are correct. The entire world is entering and firmly within a  revolution 
in the mode of production with some countries more advanced than  others. 
Development of and revolution in the productive forces are always  uneven and 
combined as a law of development. 
Actually, every single improvement in the productive forces - quantitative  
or qualitative, are eventually spread throughout the world. I will be more  
careful so as not to give the impression that talking about America means "only 
in America." 
The inside of a computer is different - a different technology, from  
machines founded on the principles of mechanical motion using a structure of  
mechanical gears, levers, fly wheels and transfer bars. 
Find an old adding machine used by H&R block - from 30 years ago,  
disassemble it, lay all it parts on a table; then take your computer ,  
disassemble it, 
lay all its parts on the table and the difference your eyes are  looking at is 
the difference between a system of mechanical gears, levers, fly  wheels and 
what you see as the components of your computer. That is how one can  see the 
difference. I did describe the "why" and "how" in a critique of an  article by 
John Case, writer of Political Affairs some time ago. 
The process is extremely interesting because each incremental grafting onto  
an existing system, a qualitatively new technology runs into barriers that are 
 the "pathways" of the old system. At a certain stage of development a 
further  grafting "onto" is not possible and the entire system one is dealing 
is  totally reconfigured. The difference between the old memo printing  
machines, all radical groups had in the 1960's and 1970's and modern  printers 
profound. The new printing machines are not modified Gestetners. The  long 
history of transition from Gutenberg cold type press, modified by the  
revolution with complex gears and levers, to today's printing  machines is 
breathtaking. I was trained in the 8 th and 9 th grade to set cold  type and 
a printer, only to become aware of the change wave when our  "group" 
purchased one of IBM's new typesetting machines in 1969/70. By 1980  
Compugraphic over 
took IBM in the typesetting field. Apple 1984 Computer - with  its famous 
1984 won't be 1984 commercial, was a turning point and this  technological 
sunk companies like Compugraphic, more or less. 
Then the welding and paint shops in plants began change and the first  
generation of advance robotics were introduced. The current generation of  
robotics are not inhibited in their movement and motion like the first. 
The devices I play music with today are fundamentally different from my old  
Maranx 2045 and Technics turntables. Turntables still exist, but even today'e  
1970ish  CD players are being replaced. 
You basically cannot tune up your car today. I tried because the number 3  
piston was misfiring. Today's automobile engines could not be designed like 
 25 - 35 years ago. Boy was I pissed. There goes $150 bucks. We crossed the  
threshold separating mechanical driven motion some time ago. 
Grafting on the new technological regime to the existing system is the  
meaning of revolution in the machinery of society. All revolution in the  
begin with the incremental - quantitative, grafting onto, the existing  
machinery, a qualitatively new kind of or enhanced device, instrument, tool,  
energy source, machine, or technology.  Such was the exact same case with  the 
revolution from simple manufacture to industry. Eventually a new or enhanced  
external energy source has to come into existence for the further expansion of  
the new technology. 
We are not driving my fathers "old" Oldsmobile. 
If you are implying that society is not going through a revolution in the  
machinery of society, bringing to an end expansion on the old basis of that,  
which made the industrial revolution, well industrial - founded on  mechanical 
motion principles, then how does one explain the technological regime  of the 
computer and this stage of advanced robotics? The semi-conductor -  integrated 
chip, is truly revolutionary. 
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