Obama as a "uniter" is an interesting Marxist approach.

CB: Marxist as in
Workers of all nations and races , unite ! 


 Perhaps if all of  us 
was raised by a white parent and white grandparents, we too would be  

CB: Makes sense. It would engender
 need for unity on a personal 
level for peace of
mind. His mother
seems to have taught him Black
history type respect for Black people.
He seems to have somewhat consciously
constructed a Black identity of high integrity.
Going to the hood to live, like an anthropologist
joining his own culture.
Now he's an interesting character.
To coin a phrase, he seems to
be in the Presidential world , but not of it.
Somehow he comes across as
confident in the sense of not worried,
in the face of an extraordinary mess
but not arrogant and not aloof. Engaged
with horrific crises, but not scared
and  not in the bliss of ignorance.
I'm like "more power to ya, Barry".
So far, so good.


Why not just read his book - "Dreams from my father?"

CB: I did.


 And then describe how  
being raised, during his formative years, where he was raised mirror the life 
of  blacks in American Northern or Southern cities and country side. I do not 
write  Obama is an immigrant. His story - meaning the story that he tells, and 
to a  large degree the live he has lived, is that of the story of the 
immigrant and  their first generation offspring. 

CB:  Maybe sort of half, but the other
half is pretty American native. I will say that
he's sort of like "a brother from
another planet". More like an
"immigrant" from ancient Egypt 
or something, somekind of higher
civilization than America.
His mother was an anthropologist,
and he lived in Indonesia for a while,
which might give him some ability
to view American culture objectively
like an immigrant,
but his grandfather was a traveling salesman
and his grandmother worked in a bank, real
regular Americans from Kansas

He's _sui generis_, a phenomon, breaking through
a new "quantitative boundry" in personality type.
He's got a lot of character, and, well../\. intelligence
social intelligence and abstract intelligence.


If you disagree with an interpretation why not simply state something to  the 
effect "that my interpretation is" unless you are saying what Obama means is  
"I was raised by one white parent and white grandparents and therefore I am a 
"uniter," with the small physiological disposition of the descendants of  
Southern slavery. Without question he is African American, but that does not  
really tell much.   

CB: See above


Trust me on the following: Obama is CEO for the capitalist class. 


CB: So were Lincoln and FDR.
From my observations, that's
dogmatic ,formulaic thinking ,and
in this situation, there  keep arising
more indications that
something new is going on here. Need to
try to think dialectically on this one. Again
the first indicator is getting all those
White people to vote for him. That's
breaking a quantitative barrier. Then 
his first month as Pres is realistic , but making
some changes that are possible
in this context
, despite all
the left haters say. I could list
the actions , but I'm not going
to exert myself for the
haters. Fuck em. 

The big crisis/problem is
Afghanistan, and ,of course
Palestine He's going
to have to be Houdini on that.
I can't see how he'll do it. Unless
he just pretty soon , after this 
assessment he can get something like
broker both a treaty with Hamas 
and a treaty with  the 
Taliban et al not to
facilitate, and to hinder any
attack on the US by the bin
Laden group.  I don't know
how he gets out of the obligation
to capture bin Laden, 

>> Barack Obama wonderful book, "Dreams from My Father," is the  immigrant  
story, a black immigrant, rather than the history of the  Negro People, and 
acute awareness of this living history accounts  for his unique and 
ability to cross the color line. When  Obama writes, "My identity might begin 

with the fact of my race, but  it didn’t, couldn’t, end there," what is 
meant is 
that my identity is not  defined on the basis of the color factor in American 

The words of Obama reveals why no self respecting Marxist, born and  reared  
as part of the "baby boomers," can deploy the concept race,  other than the 
petty  bourgeois intellectuals unable to fully digest  dialectics without 
opportunist  sauce. << 

CB:  Obama's words don't mean that. Unlike most
Black  people he was raised by White parents
and grandparents. This gave him an  unusual 
ability to understand both aspects of his 
Duboisian double  consciousness. It allows
him to be a uniter, not a divider.

Obama is not an immigrant. He had little contact
with his immigrant  father. He was raised by
US natives

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