Trust me on the following: Obama is CEO for the capitalist class.  


^^^^^^ CB: So were Lincoln and FDR. From my  observations, that's dogmatic 
,formulaic thinking ,and in this situation,  there  keep arising more 
indications that something new is going on here.  Need to try to think 
dialectically on 
this one. Again the first indicator is  getting all those White people to vote 
for him. That's breaking a quantitative  barrier. Then his first month as 
Pres is realistic , but making some changes  that are possible in this context 
despite all the left haters say. I could  list the actions , but I'm not going 
to exert myself for the haters. Fuck em.  

The big crisis/problem is Afghanistan, and ,of course Palestine  He's going 
to have to be Houdini on that. I can't see how he'll do it. Unless he  just 
pretty soon , after this assessment he can get something like broker both a  
treaty with Hamas and a treaty with  the Taliban et al not to facilitate,  and 
hinder any attack on the US by the bin Laden group.  I don't know  how he gets 
out of the obligation to capture bin Laden,  



To begin a  presentation - (the six part series for Black History Month, and 
the follow up  dialogue) with class, class struggles and class antagonism, and 
then point out  that Obama is the CEO of the capitalist class may very well 
be "dogmatic  ,formulaic thinking ," or a refusal to "try to think 
dialectically." But, there  is no way to see how one thinks other than as it is 
in exposition. For  me this means class intersection and where the communist 
must push for the  concessions made possible on the basis of temporary "fields" 
of relative unity.  For instance health care has emerged as one of these 
fields and not because the  workers "need health care." 

This field emerges as a manifestation  of intersection because private 
industry large and small, is being crushed by  health care cost, along with 
insurance companies indirectly paying for the cost  or medical plans. Further, 
cost of Medicare can be more rationalized and  driven downward by its 
reorganization around our new technological regime and  the cost of 
prescription drugs 
can also be driven down through regulation. Class  intersection of interest, 
rather than Obama as the "uniter" must inform our view  of the art of the 
possible. Another such "field" exist in the agricultural  sector, as the 
expansion of 
welfare and food stamps. Most certainly this  business sector is screaming 
through its lobbyists that "the people are hunger  and need food; our food." 
Through this intersection of interest arising the  demand to increase the 
consumption capacity of the masses, which also intersects  with a huge area of 
economy driven by consumer demand. 

Here is the basis upon which Obama emerges as "uniter." 
This is not a bad thing, but a "thing" that must lend itself to a Marxist  
unraveling in its class dimensions. This is not to suggest being opposed to  
excursions into anthropology. This clamoring about white people is unsettling  
because 58 million, primarily whites voted in the historically fascist 
 block anchored in the Southern political establishment. We really need to 
find  the means to propagandize class and popularize its meaning for America.  

I am of the opinion that the great polarity to be stuck and fought  for in 
American society is between fascists and non fascist. There are material  
reasons for this opinion bound up with this stage of decay of capital. 
In the pre and post WWII era it was possible for a section of world  politics 
to be anti-fascism and anti-communism because capitalism itself had not  
reached its historical barriers and the anti-communist/anti-fascists axis still 
had a task of sweeping the last institutions of feudalism from earth. Further,  
the era of the national colonial revolutions had not been completed and 
allowed  for a unique class intersection of forces that emerged as the politics 
the  "Third World" movement. It mattered little that we communists screamed at 
the  top of our lungs that there is no such thing as a "Third Way," because 
the world  still had to complete its historical process bound up with the 
destruction of  direct colonialism and establishing the world hegemony of 

Today, the world class alignment is such that the world  bourgeoisie and 
world proletariat faces each other along lines spoken of in the  Communist 
Manifesto. Further, a section of the world bourgeoisie and world  proletariat 
been effectively cast outside of bourgeois production and face  each other in 
external collision. Without the connecting bond - tissue, that is  the unity of 
productive forces and social relations of production there is no  basis for 
unity with these extreme manifestation of the capital relations. If  you do not 
have a job or the prospect of getting one, you exist in external  collision 
with capital. Capital that is detached from production and existing in  
collision with productive capital, demanding government redistribution  of 
wealth rather than government aid in wealth production, signals the emergence  
class antagonism.  

How can a political mass today be  anti-fascist and opposed to socially 
necessary means of life being distributed  to the starving proletarian masses? 
Stated another way, in the post WW II period  one could be anti-fascist and 
anti-communists by fighting along the line of  satisfying the incredible 
hunger of the world created as a by product  of the war. A hunger that could be 
effectively satisfied on the basis of the  expansion of capitalist 
production. If you can feed a huge section of the world  you are going to win 
ideological and political struggle on the basis of  lifting the masses from the 
ravages of war. This was the material environment  for the consolidation of 
anti-fascist anti-communism as a political axis in the  post WWII era. This 
condition no longer exists. 

Thus the political  polarity to be fought for is between fascist and 

This penning away over "left haters," and "fuck em," seems to be a  misuse of 
energy inasmuch as the opposition to realizing "the possible" on the  basis 
of class intersection, comes from the fascists as expressed in the  Republican 
Party social and political base. For instance 58 million people who  voted for 
McCain, fundamentally but not exclusively white, expressing its own  self 
contained class intersection pivoted to thinly masked white supremacy  ideology 
and a platform of less government and anti-American liberalism seems to  me to 
be the Congressional base of opposition to the Obama agenda rather than  "left 

I am not of the opinion that "let haters" are  "messing things up for us" and 
the "brother from another planet."  

I do agree with the presenting of Lincoln and Roosevelt as an  index; as 
individuals called forth by the changing boundaries in the capitalist  system 
reform it. 
In Lincoln case the reform of the system meant the transferring of  political 
power from the agrarian aristocratic like capitalists to the  industrial 
capitalist, with the unexpected rise of finance capital produced  during the 
financing of the Civil War. In the process of this transfer of power  the issue 
the emancipation of slaves emerged. What is interesting is that for  this 
transfer of power - (political authority), from one class sector to another  to 
take place required Civil War. My thin reading of world history indicates  that 
no where else on earth was Civil War required to transfer power from the  
agrarian capitalist to the industrial capitalist. Rather the Civil Wars in the  
rest of the world was bound up with the transfer of power from feudalists  to 

In relationship to Obama as the Second Coming of  Christ, or rather Lincoln, 
he is called forth to reform the structural and  institutional relations 
between exactly whom or what sections and sectors of  classes? 
The comparison of Lincoln to Obama begs such questions and we must at least  
try to answer them as folks schooled in the theory of Marx. In my opinion 
Obama  is not called forth to effect the transfer of political power from one 
sector of  capital to another as was the case with Lincoln. There is no sector 
division  within capital analogous to the agrarian bourgeoisie and the 
 bourgeoisie. There are sharp political divisions of a sectarian character 
within  the ruling political caste. The Southern political establishment is not 
economically rooted in a distinct economic sector of the economy. Thus, 
Senator  Richard Shelby of Alabama, a boll weevil Democrat turned Republican, 
demands the  auto workers in the North take cuts, or that industry move to his 
state.   Differences between such traditionally Southern Democrats turned 
Republican does  not express sector differences in capital, only sectarian 
differences,  or methods of rule and how the government redistributes wealth.  

I believe it is wrong, going to get us in trouble, create terrible  
ideological and political confusion to paint Obama as Social Democrat and  the 
- Republicans, as non-social democrats. Both parties are evolving  along an 
axis of an American version of Social democracy, to the degree that  both agree 
with government transfer of the workers created wealth into the  economy, but 
in different directions. Reagan and Bush busted the "budget" and  Clinton 
forever changed welfare, "as we know it," not the Republicans as such.  One of 
the exception was John Engler as governor in Michigan, who attacked the  states 
welfare program on the basis of eliminating "general assistance" for  single 
unemployed males.   

On the other hand society is  straining under the pressure of the growing 
antagonism that are the productive  forces in hostile conflict with the social 
relations of capital. We have to  explain this is all kinds of ways. What is 
Obama called forth to do?  

In the case of Roosevelt there was only the threats of a  political/military 
The world of Roosevelt will not be repeated because it can't. 
Roosevelt positioned American society to enter the war and establish its  
political and productive - economic, hegemony over the capitalist world and  
ensure a half century of expansion of the capitalist system. No matter how much 
Obama appears as the new Roosevelt he cannot expand the system, only  
institutionalized the growing polarity within our society. I am not opposed to  
fighting along a line of class intersection because there does not exist any  
way to fight. The Roosevelt Coalition can only be recreated in form, not  
content and it is imperative that communists understand this or present the  
argument that in fact this is a repeat of history at the same level.  

History does repeats itself at the same level, the first time  tragedy the 
second time comedy - farce.  

"Left haters."  

Even during the period of Lincoln the abolitionists movement  remained the 
abolitionists movement, without being torn from its goals. This  movement 
contained its left and right wing with the right wing condemning the  left - 
"radical Republicans." Within "radical republicanism" was it most extreme  left 
expression in the shape and existence of the black abolitionists such as  the 
intellectual and theoretician David Walker.  David Walker, author of  "Walker's 
Appeal" was in his day understood as a "left hater."  

Analogies are fine but have their place on the spiraling staircase  of 

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