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The issue is  always "what is wrong" rather than "who is wrong." 

Labeling people  "haters" . . . "left haters," who do not support Obama  the  
person and the Obama presidency in a country where the  working class is so 
"devisive and sectarian" that the  majority refuse to vote at all, is "what 

CB: I  was responding to you writing about
me ( who) was penning away about  Obama's 
increasing unemployment benefits.
One good criticism of "who"  deserves another (smile)

As far as left-haters, on these lists the  issue of
motive in interpreting the events since O's
election is  pertinent.  I regularly read posts
that interpret the glass as half  empty
when it could be interpreted as  half-full.


I see no reason what so ever to  praise (my exact word) Obama or his  
administration for  extending unemployment benefits to the exact same degree  
and  the exact same way done under the Bush W. administration.  
CB: I do. It's what's going on on these
'left lists these  days.  It's just another praise added to 
opening up stem cell  research, pay equity
for women, the budget reversing Reaganism,  announcement
of the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq, stimulus  package.
That's the context. The unemployment thing is not  isolated.
Also, O's admin did two things Bush didn't do. $25 more
per  week, and no tax on first $2,500. Plus, they did it
right away. 

And  it is very important to keep up popular support
for Obama, counter the  propaganda from Kramer
and the Wall Street mouthpieces, Limbaugh.
We're  in an ongoing struggle, campaign. It
didn't end with the election  campaign.

The "little" things are like little pieces
of campaign  literature handed out
at the polls or door to door. 

So, I'd say  you're wrong on what is do be
done right  now.



The issue I wrote about was not an addition  $100 a month, but deals with a  
completely different realm: a  measure of what took place under the Bush  W.  

CB: So, why would you  criticize the praise
of the $100 a month and the tax break , which
was  more than what Bush did. Plus, I don't
think Bush did it at the beginning  of his
presidency.  I have to check.
No reason to criticize the  praise of Obama
for doing something good 'cause Bush did  it.


the precedence of the past and the art of the  possible. It is  
imperative that communist always stay one step  ahead along the path the 
class must travel as its  spontaneous movement and its self discovery of 
itself  as a  class. The LENS to use in traveling this path is that if the 
section  of the workers as their interest intersect and find  expression in 
political  sphere. 

CB: In  this case. one step ahead along
that path is to rally the working class  to
support Obama. In case you didn't notice
the bourgeoisie are rallying  against his
first pro-working class moves.

The ultra-left is  stumbling into
joining Kramer, Santelli and  Limbaugh


What is wrong is praising the Obama  administration and the one hand; and  
condemnation of comrades -  "let haters,"  whose opinion might disagree  with 
someone's else opinion. 

CB: See above.  See discussion several
weeks ago posts on Lenin's polemics
against the  ultra-left. We have the same
task today.  


To  begin with it is impossible to "save" capital without saving  those  
workers connected to it as the unity of productive forces  and production  
To preserve this unity it is  necessary to increase demand and I shall  never 
approach or  suggest negotiating from a standpoint that my enemies  are doing 
me or mine a favor,   . . with a concession, as  such.  . 

CB:  You have a different attitude toward
the Obama  "event" than I do. I think we should
rally the working class in  support of him.
It's true it's because it's the best we
have right now,  but , there you go.
It's sort of like supporting Coleman
Young  as Mayor.


The real issue is over  concentrating on "private sector jobs" - as  
government spending  or socially necessary means of life. The pouring of  
trillions of  
dollars down the rabbit hole of modern speculative finance  is  designed to 
starve the workers of these needed funds.  

CB: Well, yeah, that more later

The issue is not "me"  or "who I am," rather the issue is how are  comrades 
frame  the current struggle of the working class. Towards this end  a  
is being put forth as the strategy and tactics of  using "class  
as a measure of the complex fight  unfolding. This is what is  missing in 
assessments of the Obama  administration and the existing correlations  of 
in the  Senate. 

Further comrades cannot be sectarian for fighting to establish  a communist  
polarity in the political sphere. Which side are  you on is not a conception 
Democrats or Republicans but  workers and capitalist. 


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