>> CB:  You have a different attitude toward the Obama  "event" than I do. I 
think we should rally the working class in support of him.  It's true it's 
because it's the best we have right now, but , there you go. It's  sort of like 
supporting Coleman Young as Mayor.<< 

What is the Marxist perspective of our current economic, social and  
political environment of which Barack Obama is a part? What correlation of 
forces and intersection allowed for Obama to be elected president? What is the  
practice of the working class movement forming the framework by which Obama the 
person as President to be weighed, measured and assessed? What are the  
spontaneous demands of that section of the working class in motion that  
Obama and the entire institutional political sphere responding to?  What phase 
of the process of social revolution currently exists? What is the  role of 
communists in the social process? 
America is undergoing a profound political, economic and social collapse.  
Collapse does not mean "no one is working" or that the political system and  
social relations have been shattered and no longer operate. When a society  
undergoes collapse . . . . revolutionary collapse, this means the old ways of  
doing things and the old social relations of the previous period is undergoing  
transformation. Specifically the old "platform" or infrastructure relations 
 held society together is straining and collapsing as society attempts to 
leap to  a new infrastructure relations.  
This was the case with the Civil rights movement, which in the first and  
last instance, had as its impetus the tractor or the mechanization of  
agriculture and pushing 11 million sharecroppers off of the land and first into 
Southern small towns and cities and then to the North where these folks would  
their place in the industrial social order. The tractor was introduced by  
International Harvester in 1939. One can shift backwards through history and 
- in retrospect, how every deepening quantitative boundary in the 
mechanization  of agriculture had its corresponding and intensifying advance in 
political  struggle as the Civil Rights Movement.  The Civil Rights movement 
was a  
social movement for economic and social justice; for the expansion of 
political  liberty. The old society constituted on the basis of Jim Crow 
collapsed. First this old society was breached, then shattered and finally 
swept  away by a cross section of American society (class intersection), but 
of  this was dependent upon and corresponded with changes in the means of  
The Marxist conception of "collapse" and "revolutionary collapse" is not  the 
ideology of "any damn thing can happen" or "one damn thing after another"  
but transformation; the dialectic of the leap or the transition from one kind 
 society configuration to another. This Marxist understanding gives us the  
ideological conviction to wage the never ending struggle with the bourgeois  
America is undergoing the early stages of revolutionary collapse. 
Specifically, incremental qualitative changes in the productive forces  begin 
polarizing and unraveling all classes and class fragments as society  strains 
to adjust and reorient itself around a new technological regime. This  
reorientation appears as fight and attack by all classes and class fragments  
against the existing regime. Each class and class fragment is seeking to 
reorganization and stability on a new basis, but this stability cannot be  
achieved because the property relations prevent the completion of the leap.  
Further, the private ownership of socially necessary property, prevents the  
development of the new technological regime in servicing the socially  
necessary means of life for the masses. Consequently, a spontaneous series of  
reactions by various sectors of society, from various points of view, is  
destroying - unraveling, the society political infrastructure and social  
relations created during the industrial era. 
That is why the fascist and Republican have becomes so outspoken and  adamant 
in their condemnation of any change. The real political fascist in  
government very well understand the social process. 
What emerges in the political sphere is the competing of different classes  
and class fragments with intersecting interest and this clash and struggle is  
called the "class struggle" that drives society forward. This class struggle  
revealed itself in a tiny way during the campaign phase of the Presidential  
election. It was a historically specific alignment of social forces that 
allowed  Obama to best Senator Clinton as the Democratic Party nominee for 
and  then best Senator John McCain. Some view this alignment as "white people 
doing  the right thing" - "one damn thing after another," or waging the 
"heroic  struggle against racism." 
I do not. 
What is wrong (not who is wrong) with most of the discussions is the utter  
lack of an ounce of class unraveling of social forces and painting America in  
the most primitive concepts of race. 
That is what is wrong. 
Obama was able to cement his victory over Senator Clinton and Senator  McCain 
on the basis of winning over a vast segment of proletarians in the Mid  West 
who traditionally voted Republican or as Red States. This layer of our  
working class has been undergoing systematic economic ruin for the past decade  
Senator Obama carefully appealed  to their economic interest and  specific 
sense of morality; its meaning as society ethics and demands for  liberty and 
justice. This was spelled out in the ideological realm as "I - the  individual, 
have a right to the means by which I can support myself and my  family." 
In other words the American ideology and conception of liberty. 
This layer of workers that constituted Obama victory cannot be held in  place 
and prevented from drifting to the right on the basis of praising Obama.  The 
only strategy opened to communists is to lean how to fight and articulate  
their economic interest in terms that express how people think things out  and 
in a way not in antagonism with their morality. Without the fight for sides  as 
a class concept, we are going to face a populist movements that leads to  
political fascism. The only way to talk about class interest is to speak of  
class as an interest. We have to say the words and not rely upon some kind of  
mental telepathy. 
The historic comparison between Obama and Detroit Mayor Coleman Young seems  
to be a comparison limited to the color factor in American history. Coleman  
Young - "a real man," was elected as the shattering and destruction of the  
system of Jim Crow, as part of the rising curve of the Black Power Movement. 
Black Power Movement grew out of the Civil Rights Movement as social process 
of  getting blacks elected into public office or integrating the national 
electoral  sphere. The Civil Rights Movement was the broad social movement to 
change the  social sphere as Jim Crow and enact legislation to safeguard the 
social  relations. The Black Power movement was more limited and focused on 
electoral  politics and various off shoots of economic nationalism. 
For those of us in Detroit this period of the Black Power Movement began  
closing the moment Coleman Young was elected and we immediately passed over to  
our Vote Communist Campaigns. However, the close of this period in Detroit did  
not make it so throughout all of America. 
In respects to the election of Coleman Young, our pre-election negotiations  
with him was straight forth and to the point.  In addition to demanding the  
dismantling of the extra legal organization of the police violence/department 
as  the STRESS unit, our support and campaigning was contingent upon agreement 
to  dismantle the other extra legal terrorist police organization: "The Red 
Squad"  and the surrender of all the police and surveillance files of all 
 throughout the city. We support and praised Coleman Young who carried out 
his  agreements to the letter and beyond. Plus, Coleman Young was always a 
fighter  alongside the communists, with an impeccable track record as State  
representative, and before that as "the man who opposed The House UnAmerican  
Activity Committee." 
Such is the praxis of dealing with political officials by some communists  in 
our country. We negotiate on behalf of our political pole and the needs of  
the forward moving sector of the working class. 
While it is true that there is no national political structure to establish  
a communist political pole, as the political basis for negotiations with the  
President; a communist pole - polarity in America, must be fought for. This  
means grouping anyone and everyone around the simple idea and demand that says: 
"the only way for people with little or no money to receive socially  
necessary means of life, is for government to provide them." 
Victory to the workers in that struggle. 
I personally believe Obama to be an unusually astute, profoundly  theoretical 
and political genius in his battles with his sectarian opponents,  many who 
are outright fascists. 
However, I will die, go to hell and run through fire with gasoline panties  
on, before I praise some mutherf***ker over extending unemployment insurance 
and  a $25 f**king dollars a week raise. 
Concessions are to be treated in the Marxists way. 
We fight for concession because we want them or we would not fight for  them. 
 To begin with even Obama does not treat the Obama stimulus package  as his 
package. The stimulus package is a complex compromise of competing  economic 
interest in which various classes and class fragments go what they  wanted in 
varying degrees. That is why no distinct political current likes the  bill, but 
the bill expresses this moment of class intersection. 
There is no need to praise Obama, when he himself is not praising this  
compromise. Look, Obama is good - very good, and is just in the process of  
unraveling a strategy for the next few years and beyond. 
Without question there is going to areas of the Obama administration  
legislative mandates and perhaps political policies that intersect with the  
of the working class and its various layers. For instance the Obama  
administration is facing a need for political shift in international relations, 
just international diplomacy. In respects to the Palestinian issue, raised a  
couple of thread ago, our government supports the state of Israel to the tune 
of  roughly $10 million a day. I do not take a position that this economic 
support  should be totally eliminated, but a real reduction to say the same $25 
fu**ing  week raise the Obama administration is extending to the unemployed 
seems fair to  me. If one must give the state of Israel money about $900 a 
seems  reasonable to me. 
Obviously if it was left up to me, which it is not, I would not give them a  
Not even a food stamp. 
The question of Afghanistan was raised in the same thread. 
I am aware that there are dangers in the world and to suggest dismantling  
the entire American military is silly thinking. However, in Afghanistan we can  
close all our military bases, withdraw all our troops and drones and then spy 
on  the country from outer space. Those who feel a moral duty to help the 
country  economically can send hard goods in the form of infrastructure things 
food.  Those who feel strongly about the treatment of Afghan women should be 
able to  submit their programs of help to our government to ascertain how to 
help without  military force. One can of course emigrate to Afghanistan.  
Rather, it seems to me that communist should figure out how to fight to  
rally the working class around and in support of its own self interest; and 
extend support to those in the political sphere who support achieving our  
interest in the legislative arena.  
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