"you can't disrespect females like you are. You dig ? You are dumber than  
apes when it come to the girls. So why not drop the extraordinary anti-women  
total bullshit and peace out ?" 
(means) = The problem with Afghanistan is the Women Factor and the   
treatment of women by one of the political factions in the country. 
^^^^^ there is a profound issue of principle here concerning the status of  
women,and the principle is not Western decadence.
How does the Obama administration seeking a new alliance - to reform its  
relationship with the Taliban, change the status of women in Afghanistan? When  
their status is the direct expression of the rule of the Taliban? 
The name of this thread is "Obama says US may reach out to Taliban" - a  
political faction. 
The issue of this thread is the Taliban rather than the status of women in  
Afghanistan. If you were Obama, which you are not, you still could not do  much 
about the status of women in Afghanistan because their status is governed  by 
the Taliban and the Taliban as a political faction - institution, is the  
result of American policy shifts and supported by our bourgeoisie. 
Here is the problem: the crux missile liberals scream bloody murder about  
the treatment of women in Afghanistan and Iraq as the ideological reason for  
invasion of these countries by our government. Surely all communists  
this. Inasmuch as you have not written anything even remotely  suggesting 
closing US basis in Afghanistan and withdrawing US military forces, I  am 
assuming you support current American policy as Obama, in Afghanistan. 
Do you? 
On the contrary the issue of the status of women in Afghanistan - right now  
today, is in fact a question of Western decadence and the direct result of 
first  the British Indian Empire in contest and conflict with the old Russian 
Empire  and currently American imperial policy. How can this not be obvious? 
you not  aware that the people who financially and militarily helped the 
Taliban into  power live in our country and have government positions and was 
carrying out  American imperialist policy? Perhaps, there is a misunderstanding 
what drives  American foreign policy, wherein one moment policy supports the 
Taliban, then  overthrow the Taliban government, through invasion and now seeks 
realignment  with the Taliban. 
Perhaps there is a need to more thoughtfully think out this penning away  
over the status of women in Afghanistan as the sharpest ideological hypocrisy 
the bourgeoisie. What seems to be wrong is mistaking the Taliban for  
CB:  Iraq and Afghanistan are not identical in that the 9/11 attackers  were 
based in the latter.  Although Bush distorted and exaggerated the  response in 
the response to Afghanistan, that aspect is not a nothing. Obama has  
expressed a sense that is a basis for paring down Bush's overreaction to that  
legitimate aspect.
It is agreed that Iraq and Afghanistan are not identical. The comment above  
are disturbing. Me think the destruction of Iraq was "distorted and 
exaggerated"  and invading Afghanistan was nothing less than imperialist 
intrusion. It 
would  seem you do in fact support the invasion of Afghanistan, but favor a 
"paring  down" under the Obama administration, as the voice of American  
communists.  And the voice of this Marxist list serv, rather than  the voice 
for withdrawal of all American troops and the closing of  American military 
bases - a goal of an important segment of the anti-war  movement in our 
Me think that a paring down of US military troops anywhere on earth, is  best 
driven by the voice in our domestic politics as the unconditional  demand for 
the removal of our troops from specific countries.  
Perhaps I have again misunderstood your meaning . . . again. 
"Obama has expressed a sense that is a basis for paring down Bush's  
overreaction to that legitimate aspect."
Is "that legitimate aspect" the invasion of Afghanistan? 
Trying to view the world through Obama eyes, rather than communist morality  
and vision is fraught with danger and in the end drives one into the camp of 
the  imperialist bourgeoisie. 
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