No Drug Comes Close to
Cleaning Out Your Arteries Like This
This discovery earned a Nobel Prize
It could be THE answer to heart disease...
... and you're not being told!

They call Hugh Downs "one of the best known and most trusted people in
TV journalism."

No wonder millions were glued to their sets when this broadcasting
legend unveiled the future of medicine: New, cutting-edge answers to
heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and more.
These solutions to the most dreaded health problems exist right now,
but they may take years to reach your doctor! Hugh introduced one
world-famous doctor after another, including two Nobel Prize winners
and countless professors at top medical schools—mainstream AND
alternative doctors alike. They shared one big message: YOU DON'T HAVE

No drug comes even close to cleaning out your arteries like this
discovery from Louis J. Ignarro, Ph.D., professor at the UCLA School
of Medicine. His exciting breakthrough...

    * Cuts artery plaque in half without drugs...
    * Reduces blood pressure by up to 60 points...
    * Slashes cholesterol—to the point where patients can reduce their
dose of statin drugs by half!

This breakthrough is so important, it earned Dr. Ignarro the Nobel
Prize years ago, in 1998! It's almost as old as the Internet, for
crying out loud. Yet I can just about guarantee your doctor doesn't
know about it. Almost no hospital or doctor's office anywhere will
offer you this treatment.

What's their problem? Information moves at the speed of light on the
Internet. Facebook didn't even exist four years ago, and now it has
500 million users. But more than a dozen years have gone by since Dr.
Ignarro won the Nobel Prize for this discovery, and Big Medicine can't
manage to get the word out to doctors...

... even though this discovery could make heart bypass surgery,
angioplasty, statin drugs and blood pressure drugs practically

Why the foot-dragging? It's because the people who control health care
don't WANT all those moneymaking drugs and procedures to become
obsolete. For them, that would be a financial disaster! Your cure is
their money-loser—if word gets out!
Nobel Prize winner blows the whistle on the cover-up

Dr. Ignarro was so concerned about the millions of people his
discovery could save, he took an extraordinary step: He exposed the
facts on a national TV broadcast with Hugh Downs. Hugh learned that
Dr. Ignarro's discovery is a natural antioxidant—one your own body
makes. This natural body chemical is absolutely critical for healthy

The key word there is "natural." Big drug companies can't patent this
discovery and charge top dollar for it. Nobody "owns" it. It belongs
to all mankind.

So Dr. Ignarro won't get rich if you follow his advice. What's more,
he didn't accept one penny for appearing on Hugh Downs' TV program.

Dr. Ignarro's discovery helps relax artery walls so that your blood
flows more freely and your blood pressure plummets. The story gets
even better: This natural antioxidant prevents the blood clots that
can block your arteries like a plug and cause a heart attack or a

AND on top of all that... his discovery cuts artery plaque as much as 50%.

A stunned Hugh Downs told viewers, "This seems incredible to me, that
you could win a Nobel Prize and then still have to fight to get the
word out."

Incredible, but true.
You Can Benefit Now in Spite of the Cover-Up

How can you put this lifesaving breakthrough to work for you? That's
exactly the question Hugh Downs asked on his program.

THIS antioxidant is nothing like vitamin C and other common
antioxidants. It's actually a gas that circulates in your blood—but it
disappears instantly when exposed to air. That means you can't take it
in the form of a pill, but Dr. Ignarro revealed an ingenious way you
can help your body make more of this substance for itself.

It's amazingly easy! All you have to do is take a couple of
over-the-counter supplements that cost about a quarter a day! These
supplements provide the building blocks your body needs to manufacture
the life-giving antioxidant gas. A Mayo Clinic study has confirmed Dr.
Ignarro's work: The supplements DO improve blood flow.

You'll find everything you need to know about this breakthrough on
page 485 of The World's Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets.

Do you see? Many important medical discoveries are totally
ignored—sometimes they're even suppressed—if they don't make money for
big corporations. Here's ANOTHER example...

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