US lawyers in establishing the legal fiction of the personhood of the
corporation or the Personhood of Capital make a nice representation of
the deep bourgeois ideological illusory concept of Individual
Determinism.  Capital is a profoundly determining _social_ institution
in capitalism, natch.  By making Capital fictional individuals, the
"story", i.e. Lie, of Individual determinism is internally consistent.


On 1/5/2011 10:13 AM, c b wrote:
>> “In community, the individual is, crucial as the prior condition for
>> forming a community. … Every individual in the community guarantees
>> the community; the public is a chimera, numerality is everything…”
>> – Søren Kierkegaard, Journals
>> ^^^^
>> Pace Kierkegaard, of course , for we social determinists , this is
>> absolutely backward, fundamentally wrong. The social, the communal,
>> the community is prior to individuals. Kierkegaard's statement is a
>> basic maxim of bourgeois ideology, whether as existentialism,
>> libertarianism, Social Darwinism, positivism, Reaganism, Tea Parting
>> et al. In all , "the" individual is primary over and determinative of
>> the social. It is an error in the understanding of the levels of
>> organization of reality, and specifically of human life.  Human
>> culture, society and history constitute an emergent level of reality,
>> in which the whole is more than the some of its parts, and is
>> determinative of the parts. It is a philosophical error concerning the
>> relationship of the whole and the parts. "The" human individual is a
>> social individual. Even Kierkegaard was; he just didn't know it. So,
>> is the most radical libertarian; they just don't know it. Our species
>> name should be, not homo sapiens, but homo communis. Our high level of
>> sociality is the differentia specifica of our species.

But no-one lives in a vacuum.

CB: Hello ! Exactly. No _individual_, no ONE, lives in a social
vaccum. No one is an isolated individual. This is the fundamental
bourgeols ideological trick, foolishness. It is rife among the
intelligencia of bourgeois society.

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