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On 10/14/16 11:07 PM, A.R. G wrote:
I am glad he has changed his tone but frankly the flip-flopping makes me
think none of these people are really principled. I also don't think
reality has ever stopped anyone from being full of crap.

There's been some hue and cry about Jill Stein changing her statement on Syria that used to refer to the need for Assad to "regain control" of the country. By all accounts, her latest version is a retreat from such obvious Ajamu Baraka-talk. Some say she was responding to pressure from people like us. I know for a fact that my Muftah article on the Green Party and Syria was circulated among GP old-timers. Honestly, I am satisfied by changes of position as long as they turn out to be on the plus side. It would be great if Jill Stein or Franklin Lamb could account for the change but that is probably expecting too much.
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