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That's the Chomsky view - that it was a symbolic but Pyrrhic victory for
the DRV/NLF.

On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 4:09 PM Michael Meeropol <mamee...@gmail.com> wrote:

> MUCH MORE INTERESTING QUESTION _- Did the US in the end "WIN" the wars in
> Indochina by destroying the indigenous independent revolutionary forces
> within "South" Vietnam thereby leading to the conquest of South Vietnam by
> North Vietnam -- the unification of Vietnam under the Northern regime
> rather than a true compromise --- leading, ultimately, to the slide towards
> capitalism in Vietnam ---
> Whether it was because of the politics of the DRV or the destruction of
> the ability of the entire country -- north and south -- to support itself
> due to agent orange, unexploded ordinance, a massive death toll, etc. ---
> the result was no "socialist paradise" but an economically depressed
> country that in the end opted for capitalism.
> The US prevented the spread of a nationalistic version of communism which
> of course was the main reason for opposing the Viet Minh when they were
> fighting the French --- a great cost in human life.  Vietnam, Laos and
> Cambodia got to control their own country but the people of none of those
> countries ended up with socialism ...
> So the question remains -- did international capitalism ultimately WIN the
> war against the INdochinese people??
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